Swan F2.2HT

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As with most high end audio gear we advertise near MSRP, please call for our best price. In most cases we will not be undersold. We fully support the Swan / HiVi line and that is why we offer 24 hour support everyday of the year at 1-888-653-1150. We offer installation services anywhere in the US.

High End speakers can be very hard to find in most locations, let alone displayed properly. That is why we offer the CP promise. If a person would like to hear and experience this system CP will pay for the air fare to get a person to our showroom. (This applies when speakers are purchased. In the event speakers are not purchased we will pay ½ the air fare. This is how sure we are that you will enjoy these products as much as we do.) Please contact us to set up your appointment today.

Product Details:

    Swan F2.2HT is the smallest speaker of HiVi flagship series, specially design for the customers with a smaller listening area who want the same magnitude of sound. HiVi F2.2HT is a Hi-end speaker system that let’s you enjoy the true meaning of music. When used in a Dolby Digital or DTS home theater system it exerts a powerful true to life 3 dimensional sound field that will transport you from your seat and into the screen of any movie. All cabinets are carefully crafted and finished in a 7 coat piano lacquer of the highest quality. The F2.2HT is designed for mid sized listening rooms, living rooms, or small screening theaters.

   Swans F2.2HT is composed of two front speakers (Swans F2.2F), a center speaker (Swans F2.2C), and two surround speakers (Swans F2.2R).

   The F2.2F front channel speakers adopt the RT1.3 Isodynamic ribbon tweeter, a 5" mid-range, and two D8 woofers. The D8 drivers using oversized 100mm voice coils are specially modified for the speaker to maximize the systems output and accuracy.

   The driver configuration of the F2.2C center channel is RT1.3 Isodynamic ribbon tweeter, TN25 dome tweeter, and two 6" mid-low frequency drivers arranged in a D’Appolito configuration. F2.2R surround speaker adopts a RT1.3 tweeter and a 6" woofer in a sealed box system.

   HiVi F2.2HT adopts an independent chamber design, making good use of D’Appolito structure. This design thoroughly isolates each component of the system and prevents any negative influences between drivers improving sound quality.

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